Frequently Qsked Questions

How does it work?

VendorPayout works by linking the vendor name that's associated with each product.

In Shopify Admin, when you create/edit a product, you'll see a field labeled VENDOR. Once you have all your vendors setup, then VendorPayout will scan all your orders and calculate the breakdown for you.

You can force sync the products/vendors mapping through this link.

Can I manually create a vendor in your app instead of using Shopify Admin?

Yes, you can manually create a vendor name through this page, look for the link "click here to add a new vendor."

When I create a new vendor login, do you email my vendors with that login information?

No, we won't send the login info to your vendors because they don't know VendorPayout. So it could look like spam/phishing. We depend on the store owners to notify the vendors.

Vendors can login through this URL:

I just created an order and I don't see it appear on VendorPayout?

VendorPayout auto syncs every morning. If you need to force a sync, you can also do so within the app's Order page.

I just installed the app and it only sync my latest 250 orders. Can VendorPayout sync my past orders?

Yes. Feel free to contact me if you need to sync more orders.

When you first install VendorPayout, the app will sync your latest 250 orders for the purpose of speed. If you have 10,000 orders then we prefer to sync in the background instead of showing you a loading screen for 5 minutes.

How does VendorPayout calculate a product that's on sale?

VendorPayout has a settings page for you to configure if you want to perform a vendor split/calculation on the sale price or the original product price.

Does VendorPayout calculate tax and shipping?

No, VendorPayout just calculates on the product price.

I have one order that doesn't fit the normal flow. Can I edit the calculations?

Yes, you can customize and edit any order. If one Order shouldn't be paid to a Vendor, then you can edit it.

Does VendorPayout have an auto-payment system?

VendorPayout can send payments to your Vendors through PayPal's Payouts.

This is an optional feature. You can still pay your vendors through your own accounting apps such as Quickbooks, Xero, Stripe, ACH tranfers, etc. We offer an integration with PayPal as a quick way to pay your vendors.

To get started, you'll need to have the following:

Using PayPal Payouts will also incur a $0.25 fee to each vendor payout. These are PayPal fees and VendorPayout is not associated with these fees. You can view a full list of fees here.

I need VendorPayout to split on Product Tags instead of Vendor name. Is that possible?

Yes, we are constantly adding new overrides into the system so you can configure by product tags, titles, or even SKUs.

My calculations for Vendors are very complex. Can you perform X with Y for Z?

Yes, please contact me to discuss a customize plan. No two stores are alike so VendorPayout can be tailor to fit your store's need.